About MeiTsun


MeiTsun Obstetrics and Gynecology Reproductive IVF Center was founded in 2005 by Dr. Chang, Chih-Chia, a doctor of reproductive medicine. It is committed to providing the most advanced and warm reproductive technology services to infertile couples. We have introduced the most advanced technology and equipment, and have high-level dust-free embryo rooms, sperm microinjectors, embryo laser cutting machines and other facilities to ensure that every implanted embryo is in the most normal and excellent condition. Increase your chances of successful pregnancy. We not only provide cutting-edge technology, but we also strive to create a caring, approachable and comfortable environment. The facilities in the hospital include labor room, delivery room, surgery room, baby room, recovery room, general ward and postpartum warm ward, providing 24-hour considerate care for every mother.

In the future, we will expand our services and establish a medical beauty center to provide the highest quality services to women who love beauty. We have carefully created not only a warm, comfortable and professional medical environment, but also hope to be a health guardian that you can trust and feel safe. Let us help infertile couples realize their dreams together and provide comprehensive maternal and child care services.

Patient Feedback

Miss Chen ★★★★★
I have tried various methods of conception before but with no good results. At MeiTsun, the process took me a whole year from consultation, pregnancy preparation, treatment, and delivery. I was very lucky because I achieved it within one year. The desire to be a mother. In fact, it is my predestined relationship with the doctor that allows me to bravely face and overcome difficulties every time I return for a consultation. Although the process is very hard, it requires taking medicine, injections, paying for the medicine, and an endless cycle of crazy return visits. But it takes a belief and the courage to become a mother to keep going. Just believe. The doctor does not force you to choose which method to conceive, but the doctor will carefully analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each to let you know. Choose one. Carry out the method that is suitable for your body, so my husband and I chose IVF treatment without hesitation. From drug injection stimulation → ovulation → egg retrieval → egg freezing → freeze embryo transfer, everything went so smoothly. A lot of eggs were taken out and 34 available blastocyst embryos were saved. I was so lucky to be pregnant with twins, and the joy of being delivered by Dr. Chang himself I feel really grateful when I think about it, and I also share it with many friends around me who want to conceive. Because only through personal experience can we know how difficult it is to be pregnant, so I highly recommend MeiTsun Medical Team. The medical team is small, small and good. There are also pediatricians on hand after the baby is born, which makes pregnant women and their families feel at ease.
Turkish wife ★★★★★
I once experienced a spontaneous miscarriage, and then I tried to get pregnant, but there was no good news. I tried ovulation test strips and traditional Chinese medicine to no avail, until I came to MeiTsun Obstetrics and Gynecology to seek professional help from Dr. Chang. I am grateful to MeiTsun Obstetrics and Gynecology. The department provided careful help from the pre-pregnancy consultation and examination, and I decided to try artificial insemination for the first time. I was very happy to finally see the two long-lost lines, to see the gestational sac and to hear the fetal heartbeat. It was also touching. The surprise of having multiple babies is still etched in my mind! Thanks to the care of Dr. Chang and the nurses at MeiTsun Obstetrics and Gynecology, I am a little nervous about the arrival of a new life, but I am also looking forward to it. I hope that everything will be smooth and healthy during pregnancy and delivery.
Miss Zhu ★★★★★
When I first wanted to have a child, I always thought that getting pregnant was easy and giving birth was easy. I felt that all my friends around me were pregnant, so I was waiting for pregnancy with great expectations, although I often said that I didn’t necessarily have one right away. , but on the day when my period is supposed to come every month, I always feel a little disappointed when I find that my period is coming. Maybe those feelings of failure have been igniting the fire of hope in my heart, until I found that it is very difficult to get pregnant, and I only have one chance a month. And it may not be successful. I started to read articles carefully to search for relevant knowledge, and then slowly learned about the existence of infertility, so I found MeiTsun Obstetrics and Gynecology. When I checked with my husband for the first time, I felt very uneasy. I found that what I thought was simple suddenly became very complicated. It wasn’t until I listened to Dr. Chang’s advice that I decided to start the IVF treatment. Until I started the treatment, the only thing I could think of was injections. Many people think injections are painful, but I really I'm not afraid of injections, I'm afraid of losing, and I'm even more afraid of being disappointed. Every time I get an injection, thinking about the baby, I always become very cheerful, but the side effects, and even the ups and downs of emotions, etc., will make me cry silently, feeling sorry for myself, but I have to encourage myself, because I believe that if you can't solve the problem head-on, there will be no good start. It has been half a year since I was on the road to in vitro fertilization, and I have faced it three times. During the process, I got pregnant! I got a 1/2 chance, and I succeeded, but I was still stupid. I thought that if I got pregnant, I could wait until 10 months to give birth and it would be fine. As a result, every level was beyond what I could have imagined. In the end, I chose to go with the same company. The egg twins said goodbye, and then I got pregnant again for the third time. This time I was more experienced, but I was braver in my heart. I successfully tested positive for pregnancy and had a smooth prenatal checkup. I believe that I will pass the hurdles in the future with my baby. I will also cherish the hard-won and priceless life.
Miss Bao ★★★★★
After getting married, my husband and I have been planning to have a baby, but the pregnancy preparations have been fruitless for more than a year. Considering my age and the government subsidies, I wanted to try artificial insemination. I did a lot of homework at the beginning and went online. After checking many hospitals and clinics for artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization, I came to MeiTsun Obstetrics and Gynecology on the recommendation of a friend. When I met Dr. Chang, I felt that the entire consultation process was very professional and friendly. Dr. Chang’s explanations and reports were also very detailed. I was forced to do artificial insemination from the beginning, but because the prolactin hormone was found to be too high, I still couldn't conceive naturally after taking medicine for a while, so I decided to directly enter the test tube treatment. During the process, the professionalism of Dr. Chang and the entire nursing team was very impressive. Don’t worry, there was no discomfort at all during egg retrieval and implantation. Until the moment when the lottery was drawn, I was lucky enough to succeed in the first try. It felt like no matter how hard it was, it was all worth it. The first child was born here during prenatal check-up. During every prenatal check-up, Dr. Chang was very patient and careful in checking and explaining. The nurses were also very patient in taking care of her. There will also be a person who is specifically responsible for the maternity who can call the line at any time to ask questions and provide relief. I felt uneasy about giving birth for the first time, and the anesthetist was very skilled in giving painless injections. All the charges were very reasonable. I am very happy that my baby was born safely and healthily here. I will still choose MeiTsun Obstetrics and Gynecology for future births. Clinic, thank you to the doctor and all the medical staff. Thank you for your hard work.
Chih wei Lin ★★★★★
Both our eldest and second child were accompanied by Dr. Zhang and the nursing team. During both processes, my wife was actually very nervous, but Dr. Zhang assisted with the delivery close to midnight and arrived at the scene earlier than the anesthetist, showing dedication and meticulous care. We are also very grateful to Dr. Zhang and the team. With them present, we felt reassured, secure, and safe throughout the process.
Han Tsain ★★★★★
Dr. Zhang patiently explained everything, and the nurses frequently checked on the condition of the mother. Various postpartum issues were also timely addressed. It's a very warm obstetrics and gynecology hospital, and if we have a second child, we will still come back to Meicun.
C J ★★★★★
From pregnancy to childbirth, we have always chosen Meicun Obstetrics and Gynecology. The meticulous care provided by Dr. Zhang and the nurses made both the baby and the mother feel very comfortable. Everyone worked hard! We are fortunate to have you all.
Jen hui ★★★★★
I had my first child here for prenatal check-ups and delivery. Dr. Zhang was always patient and thorough during each check-up, explaining everything. The nurses were also very patient and caring. There was also someone dedicated to answering any questions I had via Line, which eased the anxiety of giving birth for the first time. The fees were reasonable, and I'm happy that my baby was born safely and healthily here. I will continue to choose Meicun Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic for future pregnancies. Thank you to the doctor and all the medical staff for their hard work, much appreciated.🙏
GERAL ★★★★★
My eldest and second child were born in Meicun about 10 years ago. The doctors would check on me in the delivery room. We originally planned to have our third child here too. After my prenatal check-up, the doctor advised inducing labor the next day because the placenta was not supplying enough nutrients to the baby. The next day, I went to the hospital due to spotting, and to my surprise, I was already dilated 8 centimeters and had to give birth immediately. The doctor's advice was very surprising, but they assess your situation professionally. They are very thorough with ultrasound scans. Thank you, Dr. Zhang, for your professional assessment.