Infertility Definition

A man and a woman are in the following situation

(1) No contraceptive measures
(2) Have a normal sex life
(3) After more than a year of hard work, Still unable to get pregnant successfully.
★ Those who meet points 1, 2, and 3 are called infertile patients
The difficulty of infertility requires both men and women to work together to overcome it and realize their dreams.

Causes Of Infertility

Infertility patients must explore from four aspects

(1) Female ovulation problems
  • The age of the woman involved
  • The quality and number of eggs
  • Timing of ovulation
(2) Whether the functions of female reproductive organs are complete or not
  • Whether there are congenital malformations of reproductive organs
  • Obstruction or adhesion caused by infection and surgery later in life
(3) Penetrating power of male sperm
  • Sperm genetic material integrity
  • The number, activity level, and shape are normal.
(4) Repulsiveness
  • Mutual repulsion of egg and sperm
  • Rejection of the embryo by the endometrium

Treatment Steps

Step.1 Inspection
  • Complete infertility specialist blood test to understand the remaining value of the ovaries and other issues
  • Perform fallopian tube photography, hysteroscopy and laparoscopy to understand the reproductive organs, stimulate ovulation and find the correct ovulation day, and have natural intercourse.
(If pregnancy fails, you can proceed to the second step)
Step.2 Artificial Insemination
  • First perform ovulation stimulation to find the correct ovulation day. On the day of ovulation, the male semen is first washed and screened outside the body to retain the good sperm.
  • These superior sperm are then injected into the uterine cavity through a small tube to increase the chance of sperm and egg meeting, thereby increasing the pregnancy rate.
(If pregnancy fails, you can proceed to the third step)
Detailed treatment course
Step.3 Test tube baby, in vitro fertilization
  • Arrange for an appropriate dose of ovulation injection, vaginal ultrasound and blood draw to understand the growth of follicles.
  • Use an ovulation injection at the appropriate time, and then arrange for vaginal egg retrieval surgery. Select good eggs under an in vitro microscope for in vitro fertilization.
  • After three to five days of in vitro culture observation Select good embryos for vaginal embryo implantation If there are still good embryos left, they will be cryopreserved via vitrification.
Detailed treatment course

Common Problem

Artificial insemination Test tube baby
Fertilization pathway Internal fertilization In vitro fertilization
Success rate About 15-20% of each course of treatment About 30-45% of each course of treatment
Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome incidence lower higher
Cost Each course of treatment costs about NTD.20,000-30,000 Each course of treatment costs about NTD.120,000-200,000

Fresh embryo transfer Frozen embryo transfer
Ovulation induction
Egg retrieval surgery
Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome Possible
Preimplantation genetic material testing
Cost High Low

Methods for simultaneous preparation of the endometrium before implantation Hormone supplementation or natural treatments are available.
Observe with vaginal ultrasound after two weeks Endometrial thickness and morphology and blood test for progesterone.
Coordinate with the embryo’s division period at the most appropriate time.
Vaginal frozen embryo transfer.
Then use high-dose progesterone to help the embryo implant.

#According to the Artificial Reproduction Law, there are three situations where embryos need to be destroyed, including:
  • The marriage of the affected couple is invalid, annulled, divorced or one party dies.
  • Keeps for more than 10 years.
  • Couples who underwent surgery gave up artificial reproduction.
#What information needs to be filled in?
  • Download consent form for research use of germ cells or embryos that should be destroyed (English version) Download