International Medicine

#Taiwan IVF treatment with high success rate

According to global statistics in 2013, Taiwan's overall IVF implantation rate ranks second in the world, second only to the United States, and is the leader in IVF treatment in Asia. The stable and high success rate comes from doctors' continuous medical research and clinical experience that keep pace with the times, advanced laboratory equipment and technology, and tailor-made treatments for different patients' conditions (age, ovarian function, causes of infertility) Customized treatment plan.

#Far lower than the charging standards of surrounding countries

In Taiwan, as the phenomenon of late marriage and late childbearing becomes more and more obvious, the average age of patients undergoing IVF treatment is also rising year by year. Faced with many difficulties faced by elderly (>40 years old) patients, Taiwan's infertility specialists continue to improve their medical skills and communicate closely with laboratory embryologists, so that the pregnancy rate of Taiwan's elderly patients is also very good. The average price of each cycle of IVF treatment in Taiwan is approximately NT$120,000-180,000, which is far lower than the charging standards of surrounding countries. However, it has the highest success rate and is very internationally competitive.

#Taiwan medical team is friendly and friendly

People abroad have to face the dual pressure of worrying about whether the treatment will be successful and fear of getting the wrong injection and taking the wrong medicine. At this time, there is a great need for medical consultation and immediate response from the nursing team. Taiwan's efficient medical services and friendly service attitude of the medical team have won the trust of patients and their families.

International medical service process

1 Provide case records and video consultation
2 Provide medical plans and estimate medical expenses
3 Reconfirm whether you agree with the medical plan and costs
4 Assist in applying for medical visa
5 Prepay medical expenses
6 Arrange for pick-up and accommodation in Taiwan
7 Registration, screening, accompanying patients, and translation
8 IVF treatment and post-operative follow-up


Instructions on the procedures for foreigners coming to Taiwan for short-term medical treatment to apply for a stay visa

1 Visa application form
You must go to the "Online Application Form Filling Area of the Bureau of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs" to fill in the form, print out the visa application form with a barcode, and sign in person for confirmation.
2 2 2-inch color photos within 6 months
The background must be white.
3 Original and photocopy of passport
Valid for more than 6 months and must have blank pages.
4 Supporting documents
  • Proof of financial resources such as bank deposit certificate or payment agreement with a medical institution in Taiwan.
  • Hospital diagnosis certificate.
  • Treatment schedule and instructions from medical institutions in Taiwan.
5 Schedule
6 Round trip air tickets.
Air ticket, electronic ticket or travel agency certificate.
7 Other documents required according to individual case requirements.

Application Procedures

1 The applicant shall submit all required documents and visa fees to the Embassy of the Republic of China abroad to apply for a stay visa for entry.
2 If necessary, the overseas missions of the Republic of China will ask the applicant for an interview.